Discover Niue

Warm in climate and warmer in welcomes.

Our untouched island of Niue is refreshingly authentic. Enveloped by some of the world’s clearest waters and inhabited by the friendliest people, our tiny country leaves a huge impact on each and every visitor.

Niue is unlike any other island in the South Pacific. Just one direct flight away from Auckland, New Zealand, the coral atoll is unpretentious and filled with natural wonders - from flourishing rainforest to jagged clifffaces, fascinating rockpools to sandy hidden coves.

Swim with dolphins, see whales close up or snorkel in warm, safe waters teeming with colourful fish. Visit the biggest little yacht club in the world, catch your 1st deep sea fish or walk the many scenic tracks along the clifftops. You’ll soon become immersed in the vibrant, welcoming Niuean culture.

Enjoy not just our ‘haves’, but also our 'have-nots’.

Niue is a place where complete strangers wave at each other and share a friendly chat over their morning coffee. It’s where nature and kindness haven’t been sacrificed for money or convenience—and things are 'the way they used to be’.

Come and enjoy our island paradise with no crowds and no queues. Swap the concrete jungle for the indigenous rainforest and the motorway for the scenic route.

Here, you’ll find a leisurely, peaceful pace and an enticing way of life.

About the island

Niue is a large upraised coral atoll, and is a standalone land mass in the centre of a triangle of Polynesian islands made up of Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands. We’re located 2400km north east of New Zealand, on the eastern side of the international dateline.

The island’s isolation and coral origins create an exciting coastline. With no rivers or lakes on the island, we are rewarded with crystal clear water year round. The entire island is dotted with a myriad of caves, sheltered rocky coves and secret beaches, some of which have yet to be explored.

With an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, the water off Niue is perfect for snorkelling all year round.

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