Whale Experiences

The whale experiences in Niue are unlike anything you've experienced before.

Humpback whales are incredible creatures, and if you're lucky enough to visit Niue's waters during their migration season (roughly between July and September), you'll see them up close.

One of the unique things about whale watching in Niue, and something that surprises many visitors, is the fact that you can see whales from 100m to shore! As Niue’s surrounding reef quickly drops into the deep blue, whales can be seen as close as 20m to shore in some parts of the island. So while you're sipping cocktails on your sun lounger, listening to the waves as they crash against the shore, there could be whales breaching and swimming around in the bay.

To get an even closer encounter with Niue’s gentle giants, hop on one of the islands' whale tours! Close encounters with humpback whales in Niue are only available with licensed operators, as we have strict guidelines for interacting with the whales so we can keep everyone safe: no touching, no feeding, no chasing or harassing them in any way. It's important for us to maintain good relationships with our whale friends so that we can continue to have this unique opportunity.

Niue Blue's Whale Experiences

Niue Blue is a licensed operator with almost 50 years of combined experience from across New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Our trips start with a presentation about the whales and their migratory patterns. Then we head out on the ocean for a coastal tour, keeping an eye out for whales and maybe dolphins along the way.

If the whales' are on their best behaviour, snorkelers have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures while they rest and play -  although interactions from the boat can be just as impressive. We're also Niue's only operator with a hydrophone speaker system that allows all guests onboard to listen to the beautiful whale songs. 

Niue Blue offers a once in a lifetime experience while still adhering to all of the strict rules and regulations protecting these amazing animals.

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Fish Niue Charters

Fish Niue is a locally owned and licensed operator on Niue that can conduct guided whale watching trips for those interested in learning about the whales fascinating history. We are also able to offer in water interaction with whales which make for a once in a lifetime experience. Our certified guide with assess whether the conditions and the whales behavior will allow for a favorable in water interaction. Our customer’s safety and comfort is at the fore front of what we do while ensuring that the guidelines for these endangered mammals is followed.  Therefore, we can’t guarantee whale sightings or an in water interaction but we will certainly help provide you with a memorable experience.

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Email: [email protected]
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