Dark Sky Nation - Star Gazing

The stars and night sky have a huge significance to the Niuean way of life, from a cultural, environmental and health perspective. Niueans have a long history of star navigation and a life regulated by lunar cycles and star positions. The knowledge of the night skies, held by the elders in the community, has been passed down through the generations. Niuean elders now hope the passion to learn the cultural history of the stars is re-ignited in younger generations.

Visitors to Niue can view the spectacle of an unspoilt night sky in our temperate tropical climate. Guided Astro-tours are led by trained Niuean community members. On these tours you’ll witness the wonder of a night sky illuminated by thousands of stars. The Milky Way with the large and small Magellanic Clouds and the Andromeda constellation are truly a sight to behold.

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