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Diving, Snorkelling and Fishing
Niue’s warm, clear waters, hard coral reefs and underwater caves are home to dazzling displays of marine life, including friendly dolphins and migrating humpback whales every year. And with deep water located just metres offshore, you’ll have a great chance of hooking the catch of a lifetime! (Or many!)

Art and Culture
Experience dance, food and fun at one of the local village festivals, or check out local arts and crafts at the art gallery and sculpture park. Visit a church on a Sunday, see canoe carving in action or marvel at fascinating artefacts at the Niue National Museum.

Let a local show you the island and tell the tales of its people and places. Take a kayak tour, a 4WD tour or get a photo holding an enormous coconut crab. Visit the lush rainforest, a traditional plantation or a fascinating vanilla farm.

Niue isn’t typically a place people visit for shopping – there are no shopping malls here! Instead, you can visit small local stores or the well stocked supermarket for everyday supplies. Or visit the Alofi or Village markets for fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood.

Niue has a selection of lovely restaurants serving both European and traditional Polynesian fare. Try local foods like coconut crab, taro, breadfruit, cassava and shellfish—all presented beautifully and prepared to extremely high standards. Dine at the clifftop cafes and bars, try traditional Japanese, pizza, or Asian-fusion dishes in the cafes dotted along the western side of the island & in the township of Alofi. Or visit the Scenic Matavai Resort for their popular weekly buffets.

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Dive & Snorkel

Diving in Niue is easy yet rewarding.

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Whale Experiences

The whale experiences in Niue are unlike anything you've experienced...

Tracks, Walks & Caves

A unique blend of awe-inspiring landscapes and unforgettable adventures.

Eating & Drinking

Eating & Drinking

A variety of Polynesian and European food is available in Niue.

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There is always plenty to see and do in Niue.

Art & Culture

Art & Culture

Niuean culture and craft are components of our 'Taoga Niue'


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