Art & Culture

Niuean culture and craft are key components of our 'Taoga Niue' and mean everything to a Niuean.

If possible, try to co-ordinate your visit with one of the many annual village festivals, each a memorable experience of dance, food, sport, traditional arts and fun.

Niuean women are renowned for their artistry and skill with weaving and you will find some exquisite bags and hats for a bargain price at the local show days or at the twice weekly market.

The traditional Vaka or canoe is still used to source food from the ocean. Visit a local Vaka shed to experience traditional canoe making and carving and maybe even try it out yourself.

a woman sitting on a chair in a room with a man sitting at a table

The Tahiono Gallery has been the face of contemporary art and jewellery produced in Niue since its establishment in 1995. The Tahiono Gallery exhibits the work of all those with an association with Niue, including the works of local resident Mark Cross. The gallery now operates as a business run by Ahi Cross and its main products are the fine art and photographic prints produced by Cross Publishing in Niue. Head into the Commercial Centre and see Ahi at the Gallery Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm.


Fale Tau Tāoga, The Niue National Museum, which opened in October 2018, houses a collection of artefacts salvaged from Cyclone Heta in 2004 including new items acquired from 2005 to date. The former items were on display and some in storage, at Niue's very first National Museum, Huanaki (and Cultural Centre) which opened in 1987 by the NZ Governor General, Sir Paul Reeves.

On display are various artefacts including family treasures from WWI, items of cultural and historical significance and spectacular woven wares produced by women and using resources gathered from the environment after Cyclone Heta. One notable collection are the hats selected from a competition held in 2005 and travelled to NZ for display, together with Niue weavers there.

Location & Opening Hours

Halamaha Alofi Niue (old Niue primary school grounds). Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 3pm.


Constitution week (the third week of October) is a significant event for Niueans, as it commemorates when New Zealand granted Niue self government in 1974. The week generally consists of a number of festivities including flag raising, an address to the nation by the Premier, cultural presentations and performances, church services, sporting and marine activities, national show day and a feast for the island.

If you are lucky enough to be on the island during this time feel free to attend.


Takai is an annual event, specific to Niue, celebrating the new year. Historically villagers would walk from village to village sharing good will and gifts for a prosperous new year. Today Takai is celebrated by the local population with a procession of decorated vehicles who drive from village to village distributing good will, sweets and candy to all.

If you are lucky enough to be on the island during this time feel free to attend and participate.


a group of people wearing colorful traditional dresses

If possible, try to coordinate your visit with one of the 14 annual village show-day festivals. Scheduling cannot be precise, but it’s a memorable experience of dance, food, handcrafts and fun.

Niuean women are modest artists whose incredible weaving is renowned for its artistry and skill. You don’t have to buy anything to form wonderful friendships, but if you’re going to relent and purchase something, do it fast. These rare works are not mass-produced for souvenir shops and frequently vanish quickly.

Generally a large ‘umu’ or earth oven is prepared by villagers, and pigs and chicken are cooked alongside root vegetables and other local delicacies of game, fish and fruit – it’s the ideal place to sample a wide variety of fabulous traditional food. For the latest confirmed dates, check the events page or contact the Niue Tourism Visitor Information Centre.

Some villages also hold Marine days, during their village show day week. This is an excellent opportunity to join the local community at their sea tracks to share the catch of the day during evening barbecues. If you do attend don’t forget to bring a contribution to the meal!