There is a huge variety of excursions and activities available in Niue from guided walks on the reef or bush to diving, fishing and 4 wheel drive tours. There are also more easy going educational tours discovering local customs and the flora and fauna of Niue. All can be arranged before your arrival or once you land.


Island Orientation Tour Operators


Explore Niue Tour - Island Discovery Tour


Start your holiday in Niue with the Explore Niue Island Tour. This tour is a great way to discover the many points of interest on the island before you head out on your own. Not only does it provide you with an insight into our history, culture, traditions and our way of life that we look forward to sharing with you but, we will also give you a great overview of how you might be able to spend your time in Niue. From great snorkeling spots to the best places to dine and other tours that will come highly recommended. 
From time to time we will have special inclusions for our guests. Contact us directly to book your tour.


  • Transport with air-conditioned coach

  • Knowledgeable Niuean Guide

  • Pick-up and drop off at your accommodation

  • Light refreshments with local seasonal fruit and coconut

  • One swimming location

What to bring

  • Wear comfortable footwear

  • Towel and change of clothes in the event we are able to swim

Explore Niue Tour operates on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Contact: Vanessa Marsh
Phone: +683 5122

Niue Orientation Tours


Join the NOT team of Niuean and palagi tour guides the day after you arrive. During a 4 hour journey you will experience a tantalizing "taste" of Niue's cliff tops, caves, chasms, coves,  reef pools and the iconic snorkelling locations.

AND you will receive your own resource pack containing our unique 8 page colour booklet "Around Niue", a chart of optimal tide conditions for different locations, a planning guide and a check list - all the key information needed to maximize your holiday time.

Cultural Tour Operators

Taue Uga and Vaka Tours

Taue Uga Tours provides visitors with an opportunity to see an uga (coconut crab) in  its natural habitat. Have the uga lifecycle explained and see first hand some of the methods used to capture the uga and why they are of such cultural importance to Niueans. Vaka tour available on Tuesdays and Saturdays for Vaka Tour ONLY, Uga tour times are flexible.


Flora & Fauna Tour Operators


A5 Rainforest & Plantation Tour

Discover the true Niuean way of life. Learn how to husk a coconut, visit a plantation and hold an Uga - if you dare! A5 Rainforest and Plantation Tour provides a fun, easy going adventure for people of all ages. Take a 4WD tour of a Niuean plantation where your friendly guide Tony will explain traditional farming methods, old and new. You'll see how Niueans grow their staple crops of Taro, Cassava, Kumara, Watermelon, Paw Paw and Banana and also get to taste the local seasonal fruit.

Tours last for 2 hours and depart from Mutalau village on the northern end of Niue.


Ebony Forest Tours

What better way to acquaint yourself with Niue then by engaging in a eco-friendly tour with a knowledgeable guide who not only shares with you his great affinity with Niue’s rich tropical rainforest and its flora and fauna but also the secrets of Niue’s history and legends. A memorable stopover to Jacks workshop where he works as a carver using the local Ebony wood.


Hermans Forest Walk

Take a guided tour through traditional family and plantation grounds. Learn about the various uses for the different plants and listen to some of the myths and legends of Niue.


Misa's Nature Tour

Learn first hand how our ancestors use to survive in Niue’s rainforests. From what you can eat, where you can sleep, how to start a fire using natural resources and natural herbal medicines, your tour guide Misa will take you on the journey of his life as a child growing up in Niue's rainforests.
Be sure to check out Misa's Nature Tour on Facebook where you can share your images and experiences. 


Niue Vanilla Tours

Located in the village of Tuapa, this guided 2 hour guided tour shows visitors around a vanilla plantation and highlights some of the many uses of the plant. The plant flowers between the months of May - August and being able to view the flowers being pollinated by hand makes for a worthwhile trip. The tour will also include an overview of the harvest shed where the vanilla beans are processed. Light refreshment is provided.


Noni Farm

Located on the southern side of the island just past the village of Vaiea it was originally cleared for a dairy farm, since then it has been used as both a passion fruit farm and a quarantine station, then finally converted into a Noni farm in late 2004. The farm now has 18,000 noni trees and exports products to New Zealand and Asian markets.

Enquire at the Niue Tourism Visitor Information Centre for opening hours and tours.


Kayaking Tour Operators


Kayak Niue – Paddle at Our Pace

Discover Niue's amazing coastline on a guided tour or, for the more adventurous, hire a kayak and set your own pace.


Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boards or SUP'S are one the fastest growing water sport activities that allow fun for entire family. Regardless of age, ability or size. You can enjoy a day on the water full of adventure and exploring while receiving a great core workout or you can relax and enjoy a peaceful on water activity being able to experience nature without the hassle of boats and the sound of engines. SUP's help improve balance and co-ordination, strength and endurance and is an amazing stress-reducer. If you're feeling really adventurous why not try Paddle board Yoga for a holistic workout.


Spa & Massage Treatments


Maulu Massage

A mobile home spa service - our trained therapist comes to your accommodation or home and transforms your room into a space of healing to promote within you a deep awakening of the mind, body and soul. Let the stress of the outside world melt away and surround yourself in a cocoon of bliss whilst on our tropical paradise. Maulu Massage offers a healing massage service and body scrubs in the comfort of your own home or accommodation. 

Ph: (+683) 5228 (mobile)


Tui Na Clinic

Combining traditional therapeutic Niuean and Chinese techniques for revitalizing deep tissue massage. Book by appointment only after 4pm

Contact details


Ph: +683 5961 



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