Niue is not designed for retail therapy. There are no malls or cinemas. If you’re not going to miss these, then you’re going to love Niue!

However, supermarkets and stores are located in Alofi and stock a full range of groceries, frozen goods and hardware. Most shops are open from 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday and Saturdays 4pm - 7pm. There are generally one or two stores in some villages around the island that open during early mornings or evenings. Some smaller shops are open on weekends for groceries, and residents in the village will happily direct to you to the nearest shop.


Niue Chamber Of Commerce

The Niue Chamber of Commerce is a membership driven, not-for-profit organisation representing all businesses on Niue - no matter how large or small. Formed almost 40 years ago the Niue Chamber has always been committed to promoting, fostering and growing the private sector in Niue and providing it with a unified voice. Niue faces significant challenges, and a thriving private sector is essential is our Pacific Island paradise.



The ‘makete’ or ‘market’ runs 3 times weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the village of Alofi. Regular finds include fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, live uga (coconut crabs) and fresh fish along with food that has been traditionally prepared and cooked in a ground oven or ‘umu’. Handicrafts are also for sale so get there early for the best bargains. The market has also introduced it's Friday Night Food Markets which are held on a fortnightly basis. Check with your accommodation as to whether this is on the while you are in Niue.

Dates and times:

Monday 5am-8am

Wednesday 8am -12midday

Friday 5am -8am

Organic markets first Friday of the month from 5pm onwards

For more information enquire at the Niue Tourism Visitor Information Centre or email us for annual village show days and alternative market days.




Swanson Supermarket

Swanson Supermarket stocks an extensive range of groceries, covering all the basics as well as plenty of treats.

The freezers are filled with a great selection of meat, chicken, seafood and ready meals, as well as plenty of icecream and iceblocks to cool you down.

They fly and ship in fresh produce and dairy products regularly, as well as selling local produce on behalf of local growers – whatever is in season they aim to have in store.

Swanson Supermarket has an excellent range of soft drinks, dry and canned goods, and there is plenty to choose from for vegetarians. Our range is constantly growing, and many visitors are pleasantly surprised by the extensive range on offer.

There is also an excellent range of hair and skin products, as well as essential pain relief, mozzie spray and sunscreen. Our pharmaceutical range is constantly expanding with suggestions from residents and visitors.

If you have any particular requests, or want our team to put groceries together for you for your arrival, please don’t hesitate to email Swanson.

If you are visiting Niue by yacht, we are happy to collect you from the wharf and drop you back with your shopping.

Swanson Supermarket is open 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday, and 1pm - 6pm on Saturdays.

Voted the Best Customer Service on the Rock!

Eftpos available for New Zealand bank cards only. (A $5 minimum purchase is required for cash out via Eftpos). Visa and MasterCard accepted, with a 3% surcharge.


Double M

Fresh Meat at reasonable prices. Fruit, vegetables, cold drinks and dry goods available. Specials run every Tuesday and Friday.
Open: 7:30am - 7:30pm Monday - Saturday


Moko's Central Mart

Basic essentials ranging from body products to baby products, groceries, fresh local and imported fruit and vegetables. Fresh bread from Monday to Friday.
Open: 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday, 2pm - 8pm Saturday
Eftpos available for New Zealand bank cards only. Moko's Central Mart does not offer cash out services.


Central Services

Basic essentials, cold drinks, hot pies, fresh bread and other baked goods, sometimes have locally grown fruits and vegetables, snacks and other dry goods.
Eftpos available for New Zealand bank cards only. 
Open: 7am - 8pm Monday to Saturday, 4pm - 8pm Sunday