According to some European cave experts, Niue possesses the most spectacular and extensive cave system in the entire South Pacific.

Niue’s coastline is punctuated by literally hundreds of magnificent caves and chasms. All are unique and some, where the sea no longer invades, are used for the storage of canoes while others have been used as ancient burial places or homes in the past. Many are still being formed, with stalagmites and stalactites in all stages of formation. Many can be explored self guided but for those that dare tours can be arranged for some more challenging and impressive caves can be booked through the Niue Tourism Visitor Information Centre.



Caving & Adventure Tour Operators


Ebony Conservation Rainforest Tours

What better way to acquaint yourself with Niue then by engaging in a eco-friendly tour with a knowledgeable guide who not only shares with you his great affinity with Niue’s rich tropical rainforest and its flora and fauna but also the secrets of Niue’s history and legends. A memorable stopover to Jacks workshop where he works as a carver using the local Ebony wood.
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Talis Cave Tours

Explore Niue’s natural limestone caverns on a guided tour with Talis Cave Tours. These caves are located on traditional family land and are noted for their incredible variety of passageways including the infamous ‘keyhole’, diverse formations and fossils.