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"The Biggest, Little Yacht Club in the World"

Niue Yacht Club has been awarded “The Top International Host Station for 2011” by the Seven Seas Cruising Association, an organisation with 10,000 members worldwide. This was achieved by a small group of volunteers who have continued developing services and providing support for cruisers since 1992.
The Niue Yacht Club is unique, in that nobody on the current management committee owns a yacht. However we do offer the following facilities for yacht’s crews:

  • A website based in the USA
  • A “world first” for accessing arrival information while at sea
  • A Sailmail station based on Niue, one of only 20 around the world
  • 20 new moorings with polyester lines, large pickup buoys and reflective tape
  • Wifi” available on board your yacht from most mooring positions
  • Onshore washroom facilities with solar heated showers
  • Friendliness, ongoing help and support to make your visit memorable




For interest try the following to get some useful information as you approach Niue: email: query@saildocs.com. Leave the subject line empty, in the body of the email type 'send niue.moorings' and you will receive helpful arrival information.
Become part of the legend of the “Biggest Little Yacht Club in the World” for NZ$20. You will receive your own laminated membership card to use when you get back home. We have 1567 members on our data base since 1992, but only 120 current financial members worldwide.