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Rockman Niue Challenge


Join endurance athlete and four time adventure racing world cup champion Nathan Fa’avae, the 2016 Ambassador for the Niue Rockman Series.

The Rockman Challenge event is now in its 5th year. The event is set up to highlight sporting events that can be accommodated here on Niue. The Rockman event consists of 4 days of events, the Rock Run, the Rock Bike, the Rock Swim and the Rock Triathlon/Duathlon.

Each individual day takes competitors through a different track/course, revealing Niue from both inland, coastal and in the sea. There are two types of Rockman events, the MAIN Rockman and the SMALL Rockman. The difference between the two is that one distance is shorter that the other. This is to accommodate those who would like to do the Rockman event but on a smaller scale.

Distances for each individual event are as follow:

> Main Rockman Bike – 30km - $20.00 Per Person
> Short Rockman Bike – 10km - $10.00 Per Person

> Main Rockman Run – 10km - $20.00 Per Person
> Short Rockman Run – 3km - $10.00 Per Person

> Main Rockman Swim – 1km - $20.00 Per Person
> Short Rockman Swim – 300m - $10.00 Per Person

> Main Rockman Triathlon – total 41km - $20.00 Per Person
> Short Rockman Triathlon – total 13.3km - $10.00 Per Person

> Main Rockman Duathlon – total 43km - $20.00 Per Person
> Short Rockman Duathlon – total 16km - $10.00 Per Person

If you wish to put a team together for the Triathlon or Duathlon it will be $10.00 per team member.

Have you got what it takes to be Niue Rockman 2016?

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      The Niue Junior Rockman is the first event in the Niue Rockman Series. Followed by the Niue Rockman (16 - 19 May 2016) and Niue Ride the Rock (6 - 8 June 2016).


Niue Rockman is part of the Niue Rockman Series. Starting with the Niue Junior Rockman (20-21 April 2016) and wrapping up with the Niue Ride the Rock (6 - 8 June 2016).