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Junior Rockman Challenge


Join endurance athlete and four time adventure racing world cup champion Nathan Fa’avae, the 2016 Ambassador for the Rockman Series, here in Niue in April to kick off the series with the Niue Junior Rockman, Anchor Cup.

This inaugural event is similar to the Rockman event but targeting younger audience/families. The event will consist of two fun-filled days.

The first day involves a swim event to highlight water safety and also to encourage children to be more confident in the water.

Day two consists of a distance run (distances will be different according to the different age groups - 7-10 years and 11-14 years). The day will start first with the run course (course will be placed around the Niue Golf and Sports Club grounds). A short break will be given to the participants before starting the Niuean traditional tabloid sports (Ta tika pona niu, heke tekeka, olo fua niu and hopo hui). 

All events will be held in age categories based on the number of entrants. Results will be tallied accordingly and prizes will be handed out at the end of day two.

Prize winners in each of the four age categories will receive a fabulous new bike.

Wednesday 20th April 2016:
> Swim (30 meters) 7-10 Years
> Swim (100 meters) 11-14 Years
Thursday 21st April 2016:
> Run (1km) 7-10 Years
> Run (2km) 11-14 Years

Niuean Tabloid Sports
> One legged race (Hopo hui taha) – 50 Meters : 7-10 Years
> One legged race (Hopo hui taha) – 70 Meters: 11-14 Years

> Coconut Bowling (Olo Fua Niu) – Calculated by distance but in different age categories

> Young Coconut Javelin Throw (Ta tika Pona Niu) – Calculated by distance but in different age categories

> Stilt Race (HekeTekeka Kapikola) – 50 meters: 7-10 Years
> Stilt Race (HekeTekeka Kapikola) – 70 meters: 11-14 Years

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The Niue Junior Rockman is the first event in the Niue Rockman Series. Followed by the Niue Rockman (16 - 19 May 2016) and Niue Ride the Rock (6 - 8 June 2016).