Getting to Niue


Air New Zealand services Niue with weekly flights from Auckland, New Zealand. It departs 9:50 AM (0950 hrs) every Saturday morning ex Auckland, crossing the date line to land in Niue at 1.30 PM (1330 hrs) Friday.
The return flight departs Niue at 2.30 PM (1430 hrs) Friday and arrives back in Auckland at 6.25 PM (1825 hrs) on Saturday, having crossed the dateline again.

On the 21st May 2014, Air New Zealand started a 2nd weekly service to Niue. This service departs Auckland on Wednesday morning and arrives in Niue on a Tuesday. Availability and booking options are now available on the Air New Zealand website. 

The A320 has 171 seats on it, and Air New Zealand provide a seating map via this link
Approximate flight time from Auckland is just over 3 hours.
Niue’s international Airport, Hanan (IUE), is less than 5 minutes from the main town Alofi. Please visit for the latest flight details.

On Island

The 64 km road circling Niue is mostly sealed, as are most inland routes between the main town and the surrounding villages.  Local sea and bush tracks connect everything else most of these are not sealed.
At 269 sq. kms Niue is over four times the size of Rarotonga.  In fact, Niue’s much larger than the entire Cooks group of fifteen islands put together….so we strongly recommend you hire a car, motorbike or bicycle for your stay to ensure you can access all of Niue’s scenic sites and villages.  There are several well established rental car companies with safe, well maintained vehicles for hire.
You will also need a local driver’s license from the Police Department - these are possibly the best souvenirs ever!
You can also guarantee that while getting around you will make a few local friends

Airport Transfers

The Hanan International Airport is located 5 minutes south of Alofi, and about 3km from the Matavai Resort.  Most accommodation properties offer an airport shuttle service upon arrival and departure.  Please confirm this upon booking - or arrange.  Or contact Visitors information Centre (


There are some taxis available, but their hours are variable and dependant upon demand. Please check upon arrival with Niue Tourism Office for details. 

Transportation Rentals

A number of rental car companies operate fleets of vehicles, motorbikes, vans and bikes. Bookings can be made directly to the following companies. 

Alofi Rentals Book Now
Niue Rentals Book Now
Heahea Rentals Book Now
Driveaway Rentals Contact Us
Georgias Rentals Contact Us

Arriving yachts

Please check for clearance and mooring fee details


Everyone is required to bring their passports.

Entry Visa

Not required by bona fide tourists staying less than 30 days with return or onward tickets and sufficient funds for length of stay. Extensions are available by applying to the Immigration Office before arrival, PO Box 67, Alofi. Ph 4349 or email for enquiries.

Departure Tax

NZ$34 for all people aged over 12yrs payable in cash on departure from Niue.

Niueans returning home on one way airfares

Niueans are unique in that they travel on a New Zealand passport which is a foreign country despite our close ties. Because of international carrier obligations to which Air NZ must adhere to, it is not possible to travel to Niue on a one way airfare unless you can prove that you are either a Niuean by birth or the descendant of a Niuean.

To facilitate travel to Niue for ethnic Niueans on way tickets, a stamp can be placed in the holder’s passport which states them as either a Niuean or the descendant of a Niuean.
The stamp can be obtained at Peleni’s Travel in Auckland, New Zealand or at the Niue Immigration Office once proof of identity is confirmed.
It is important that this is completed well prior to intended travel to avoid possible disappointment at Auckland Airport on the day.
For more information contact Peleni’s Travel in Auckland, New Zealand Ph +64 9 634 2444 or the Niue Immigration Office Ph +683 4349

Duty Free 

Each visitor to Niue 18 years and over may bring in 3 x 1125ml bottle of spirits, or 3 x 1125 bottles of wine, or 3x 1125ml bottles of liqueur, or a combination of the above provided that is does not exceed 3.5 litres; or 8 litres of beer and 1 x carton of cigarettes (200 cigarettes) or 250gms of tobacco. 

Restricted imports 

Firearms and ammunition. Glass beer bottles (cans only)

Restricted exports

Artifacts, coral and valuable shells, email or

Quarantine information

All food, animal products, plant material and other goods taken from Niue, must be issued with a phytosanitary certificate from the Quarantine Office located at the Hanan Airport Terminal, prior to flight departure.

Travel agents

Peleni’s Travel are the travel agents for Air New Zealand in Niue and can be contacted on