Whale Watching

Whale WatchingIf you plan your arrival to Niue with that of the annual Humpback Whale migration you may well get the opportunity to experience something that very few people in the world can say they have done….swim with the whales. Generally from July to October each year Humpback whales arrive in Niue’s waters to calve and nurse their young.
Niue is one of only a handful of places in the world where you are allowed to swim with the whales.  Mother nature of course doesn’t guarantee an experience so whale interactions are strictly dependent on the whales being around, within range, settled and the weather conditions being safe.   

For those not so keen on the swim these gentle giants can be viewed from the land at dedicated viewing areas where their gymnastics provide a spectacular show sometimes only 50 metres from shore.
Niue is a signatory to the South Pacific Whale Sanctuary and fully supports the conservation of whales so all interactions are conducted from a distance that respects their privacy and your safety.

It’s common for diners at the Matavai Resort to watch the whales performing from their table. At night, you can sometimes hear the whales slapping their giant fins against the water and you may even be kept awake by their calls….unlike anywhere else in the world, they can come that close.

Organised viewing or swimming tours can be arranged - self guided experiences are not allowed.  Whale interactions are very dependent on mother nature so if you don’t get to see them close up don’t be disappointed… you will still have a great time on the water with some spectacular coastal views

This is definitely an experience you will never forget. For further information about whale interactions contact:


Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive

We run snorkel, Dolphin and whale viewing trips (in season) on demand in the afternoons – while every attempt is made to interact with the Whales this is always dependant on the whale’s location, behaviour and sea conditions at the time.  All gear provided.

Please contact direct for these trips.

Info needed for all bookings:

- Name and Age

- Where you are staying

- Diving qualification

- Last Dive

- Number of Dives

Contact Details:

Shannon and Krystal Hunter

Tel : 00683 4311

Email :


Niue Whale Research Program

The familiar faces of Olive Andrews, Ben Parangi and Fiafia Rex are returning to Niue this September to continue Niue’s whale research program, but they need a bit of help in order to do so. To find out more about the project and how you can possibly assist please click on the following web link:

The Niue Whale Research Project is a partnership between local and international researchers who volunteer their time and expertise to help the tiny island country of Niue to protect some of the world's most endangered whales. 

Any donations will be deeply appreciated and acknowledged.


For any further information please contact :